Infographic: Small Business Loans


We here at LoansMag understand that small business loans are among the most difficult to successfully apply for, since there are so many more variables involved. Even the basic idea that an owner’s personal history is reviewed as well as that of the business makes it doubly as complicated, therefore requires double the attention. With this simple inforgraphic, we seek to educate potential entrepreneurs, or even existing ones, all about small business loans. The information is not presented in walls of text but in small, digestible chunks, so as to easily teach even those that are not financially versed.

With this small business infographic, you can learn all about the percentages when it comes to small business financing. Or, in layman’s terms, where all the other business owners are getting their money! The image shows that large banks provide the majority of the funding, whereas credit unions represent only a tenth of the money borrowed.

Again, we believe that preparation is everything, and therefore seek to arm our readers as best as humanly possible before they apply for their loan. This can be seen in our small business loans infographic, which not only presents facts but also looks to teach. Specifically, we run through what business lenders look for: the aspects of your small business that a lender will be most concentrated upon when it comes to your application.

Then there is credit score, which is such a key feature of small business loan applications. Many find that their credit history is in fact too poor to apply for a small business loan without being offered a hefty rate, therefore we look at how credit score is evaluated, so that you don’t have to!


Small Business Loans Infographic, Percentages for Small Business Financing, Credit Score

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