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Check ‘n Go

A direct lending service that also provides payday loans of up to $1,500, based in Texas but offers its services nationwide through its website.

Check ‘n Go is a lending service founded in 1994 with 16 locations in San Antonio, Texas. It offers direct payday loans to customers and financial solutions to borrowers with an attention to detail that other traditional lenders might not be able to match. Check ‘n Go prides itself in a positive approach that involves responsibility and trust, rather than merely looking upon its short-term loans as mere “business transactions”. The company is there first and foremost to help those in financial trouble, rather than to profit from their desperation. It is also an innovative payday lender, always looking for ways in which to offer consumers something that others might not, and new ways to help out those who seek solutions to short-term financial emergencies.

Check ‘n Go provides payday loans of up to $1,500, that can be applied for either online or over the phone. The application form is all viewable on the website so it is easy to see the kind of information you will be asked to supply when applying for a loan. The terms and conditions are also made clear, with no hidden charges applied once you’ve completed an application, and approval times are very short. Loan times may vary depending on your location and situation, but a typical 14-day loan will cost around $25 per $100 borrowed, with a basic APR of 583%. Of course, these terms may vary depending on other things, so it is worth reading the details provided on the website thoroughly before applying.

The website is also a useful resource when it comes to short-term loans and payday lending, offering a range of educational information that is designed to prepare a consumer before they make the step of borrowing money. This, combined with what is a very secure and reassuring application process, makes Check ‘n Go one of the lenders to trust. That said, another important thing to note is that, as opposed to many other payday loan websites, this one does not provide live on-site chat to help those who need it. You can however easily contact support via telephone and email and will receive a prompt and helpful response to ease you through the borrowing process.

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